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Summer is the New Spring

July 26, 2023

Everyone knows the quest for Google reviews is a marathon, not a sprint. But did you know that this marathon has a peculiar twist? The track is..

Navigating Vendor Fatigue

May 24, 2023

Vendor fatigue. It's a thing. It's hard to pick the right vendor when you're surrounded by a sea of them. Worse, the bad ones push all the wrong..

Meet Your New Trusty Copilots

April 26, 2023

Guess who's been making waves in the world of residential real estate? That's right, it's your new BFF, Artificial Intelligence (AI)! But hold up,..

Know What Your Tenants are Thinking With Free Survey Insights

December 7, 2020

Most survey companies charge up to $10 per unit on tenant surveys. But now ResiDesk clients can measure tenant sentiment at any time, and on any..

Stop Missing Tenant Messages With ResiDesk Filters

November 9, 2020

At ResiDesk, we supply an arsenal of tools to help you command the high volume of communications you get from tenants and prospects each and every day

Quickly Attract Tenants, Close Deals, & Reduce Churn With Smart Inboxes

November 2, 2020

Having smart tools to filter through all the communications you get every day is critical. You need to identify opportunities quickly, close deals..

New Proactive Insights for Multi-family Asset and Property Managers

October 26, 2020

We're excited to announce the launch of ResiDesk Insights - a whole new way to identify and take proactive action on your portfolio risks. For the..

ResiDesk's Share Conversation feature

October 15, 2020

Have you ever wished you could get an extra pair of eyes on a task when you're finalizing the details of a lease or figuring out how to resolve a..