Summer is the New Spring

Everyone knows the quest for Google reviews is a marathon, not a sprint. But did you know that this marathon has a peculiar twist? The track is uphill in summer, the very time when you're trying to get in shape for the sprint (the leasing season) that's coming up.

Now, if this sounds like a sweaty nightmare, let me explain.

Reviews are seasonal. The top-shelf, five-star reviews? They're lounging around in spring and fall. In summer, they're mostly away, sunbathing on a beach somewhere. You'll have a tough time trying to get a 'hello' out of them, much less a five-star review.

And here's the catch - most properties work hard to gather reviews because they're the billboard for the leasing season. But how do you get billboard-worthy reviews when your residents are probably chilling on a vacation somewhere?

The pain doesn't stop there. Even your best July would look like a dismal cousin of an average April. That's like comparing your sunburnt vacation selfie with your professional LinkedIn profile photo.

But hold on, it's not all gloom and doom. Here's a fun twist: reviews gathered in the 'down' seasons (summer and winter) actually carry more weight than those in the 'up' seasons (spring and fall). Yes, you read that right. 40% of reviews come from move-ins. But guess what drives move-ins? Good reviews. You get more mileage from 20 reviews in June than 75 in August, despite what the scoreboard says.

Events are one way to drive reviews, but they cost more than a pretty penny. The real trick lies in leveraging your customer service touchpoints. A polite request, made at the right time, can work wonders. This is where software like ResiDesk steps in. By engaging in ongoing conversations with residents, we identify satisfied customers and ask for reviews. This way, we can drive 3-5 times more reviews in the slow months, making your property the talk of the town among prospective residents.

Want to learn how ResiDesk helped a nationally renowned property manager prep for a successful move-in season by quintupling their summer reviews, leading to a high-speed leasing season, and then ensuring a smooth move-in experience by answering all residents' questions without the site team breaking a sweat? Sign up for a free trial today and learn how to turn your summer into a review-harvesting season.

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