Poor Reviews Suck

If you’re looking at reviews for your property you know the low reviews sting. As a building owner, we know you work hard to provide quality housing for your residents, but sometimes things go wrong. That’s the nature of the beast. 

Often, the lowest reviews mention poor communication as a major factor in resident complaints. When things get busy on site, especially during packed leasing seasons or during times of transition, communication can fall by the wayside.

ResiDesk specializes in being the front-line customer service buffer between the deluge of resident questions and your site teams. We can offer serious relief for your teams while providing world-class customer service to residents - all through SMS.

Property managers are doing everything they can to keep it together while their email inbox piles up. From the perspective of residents, it seems like communication is bad, but there’s so much behind the scenes they don’t see. Residents don’t know how stretched thin the teams can be during peak seasons, or when everything is breaking on site. Our team at ResiDesk can help filter questions and find out what issues residents are really having, all while giving them great customer service.

Residents care more that their issue has been acknowledged and heard rather than having the issue be solved quietly. It’s better to acknowledge the resident has been heard and have the issue fixed in 5 days than to fix the issue quietly in 3. When it’s busy on-site it’s almost impossible to communicate with that kind of customer service in mind. ResiDesk can handle that for you. Let our team respond in a timely manner so you can take care of what really matters.

ResiDesk has transacted millions of conversations over hundreds of thousands of units, helping save countless hours for your on-site teams. If you’d like to relieve your site teams get in touch today for a free demo!

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