Don't Get Haunted by Past Owners

When you take over the management of a community, there’s a good chance that you may be haunted by the ghosts of owners' past, usually in the form of bad reviews. Even if those negative reviews have been solved and taken care of, it can still be an uphill battle to regain control over your reviews and reputation.

You may be thinking “Who cares? I can just get new, positive reviews to replace them.” Think again. These low scores may scare off potential residents. All they see is the negativity, despite not knowing that those problems have been addressed. It’s tough to reverse course to reflect all the good work you’ve been doing without a strategy in place. Your online review scores don’t reflect your current community’s satisfaction and that can have incredible impact on leasing. 

To help fix the problem, it’s all about revamping those negative reviews. You can make sure site teams are proactive with asking residents for reviews, especially after successful service requests. When the site team knows a resident is happy they can request an online review. By requesting an online review immediately, you’re more likely to get a review than after a few weeks. 

We get it, it’s a lot to ask your already overworked team to now worry about asking for reviews. Enter: ResiDesk. ResiDesk can help you get credit for the great work you and your site team currently do so you don’t have to live in the shadow of previous issues that have since been addressed. We automatically give a voice to your tenants, who on average, are satisfied with your communities. Want to try it out for yourself? Get in touch today for a free demo to see what ResiDesk can do for you.

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