Get Credit for Your Work

After spending countless hours to make sure your residents get what they need and working hard to run your property, it can be deflating to see your online reviews being dominated by people who are less than impressed. 

Sure, your ORA may reflect happy tenants, yet prospects are turning away because of online reviews. No matter how high your ORA score is, when it comes down to it, prospects and tenants only care about your online reputation.

So, how do you fix it? It’s actually more simple than you think. Just ask one easy question: “Has the property lived up to your expectations?” and follow up with the tenants who say it has for a positive online review. 

ResiDesk data shows that there are at least 3 positive reviews for every one negative review. One follow-up can be all it takes!

The real question is: How much time are you willing to spend to get credit for your hard work? Sure, you can deploy a reputation management program that allows your team to track and respond to google reviews. But what about asking residents for new reviews? That’s a lot to handle. 

Enter: ResiDesk. We can do all of this—scalable, AI-driven, human-approved conversations with your residents — to unburden your site team and improve online reputation. we drive up to 10% more positive google reviews a week with no work on your part. if that sounds good to you, reach out to us.