Improving Your Online Reviews Sucks

It never fails: the most unhappy people are always the ones posting reviews, making reputation management a nightmare. What if we told you that you could boost your review scores 5% in just 5 weeks with one simple change? Here’s how: 

When you do something nice for your residents, maybe it’s a successful service request or a great move-in, reach out to them right after to maximize your review scores. Checking in with residents can earn your property 2 stars higher on average according to a ResiDesk study. That’s big.

ResiDesk finds that a personal touch in an email like “Could you help me out? It’d help me with my boss” is up to 3 TIMES more effective at getting you a good review. Even reaching out to just 10 residents a month could improve your review scores by 5%

We get it, this is a lot of work for your already overworked staff. That’s why ResiDesk automates reputation boosting, with no site level change — we’ve got you covered!

Want up to 5% better review scores within 5 weeks? Give us a free trial!

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