Real Reviews Matter

Real Google reviews matter more than ORA or BBB scores. 93% of prospects look online for a place to rent. Guess what they see first online? Google reviews. Not BBB. Not Not ORA scores. Google reviews. Let that sink in.

Google review ratings impact you in two ways. You already know that great Google scores can drive up to 74% faster prospect conversion. But did you know that honest review content can help your property shows up at the top of the search results when prospects look for rentals in your area? That’s thanks to SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, working its magic. 

To win this game, you need genuine reviews, not just blank 5-star reviews. Plus, doesn’t a review like this look way better than just a blank 5-star review?

Creating a steady stream of honest 5-star reviews takes work. It's important to know when to ask for reviews. The worst reviews happen at community events that only happen to gather residents and ask for reviews. So, don’t throw parties just to ask for reviews.

The most effective strategy is to ask residents to leave reviews when great customer service happens. Your best opportunities are key points in their lifecycle like move-ins, work orders, etc. This interaction is the perfect opportunity for residents to share the great experience they had with your team.

This is where ResiDesk can help. ResiDesk knows which of your residents are happiest and when. ResiDesk can automatically ask for reviews at critical moments — which means the reviews we generate are the real stories of your satisfied residents, not just the 5 stars. Our customers see over a 20% uptick in reviews over a year with no work on their side. Ready to increase your reviews? Set up a demo today and see how!

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