Know What Your Tenants are Thinking With Free Survey Insights


Most survey companies charge up to $10 per unit on tenant surveys. But now ResiDesk clients can measure tenant sentiment at any time, and on any topic, for free! We're excited to announce the launch of ResiDesk Survey Insights. We now help you capture the voices, opinions, and sentiments of your tenants for any announcement sent through your ResiDesk - for free.


Why is this important?

Surveys are the most used (and most expensive) tool to understand the pulse of your residents. We believe it shouldn't cost an arm and a leg to know what your residents are thinking.

How will this work?

Whenever you have a question you need to ask your residents, you can do so in 3 simple steps with ResiDesk:


  1. Send your question to residents as a ResiDesk announcement
  2. Email ResiDesk Support - or use the Help Desk in the ResiDesk app - to let us know you want to measure responses to this announcement.
  3. Receive a survey report (as pictured above) and a list of responses from the ResiDesk Data team. We recommend at least a 48-hour waiting period for most surveys.

This is just the start. As you continue to use this feature, we will use your feedback to automate these reports so you can get them in minutes.

Why will this make life better?

It's hard to do surveys often enough because they're expensive and they need to reach enough people. With ResiDesk, you have the outreach built in for free, and the same analytical depth that brings you the Insights reports.

In short, with ResiDesk Survey Insights you can:

  • Run surveys for free
  • Reach all your residents
  • Get comprehensive analytics beyond even the best survey tools out there, at no extra cost.

Want to learn more about ResiDesk?

See how property management companies are using ResiDesk features in our latest case study! Learn how we helped a premier full-service apartment property management company respond to tenants 100x faster, reduce response rates, and significantly enhance tenant satisfaction scores!

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