ResiDesk's Share Conversation feature


Have you ever wished you could get an extra pair of eyes on a task when you're finalizing the details of a lease or figuring out how to resolve a tenant issue? Now you can do that without leaving the ResiDesk platform! We now feature more powerful tools to help you and your team stay on top of resident issues and prospective tenant queries.

How does Share Conversation work?  

Share Conversation lets anyone on your management team instantly share the last 25 messages in a conversation with the rest of the team or manager with just one click. 


Waiting costs money

Teams work best when they're together. Existing tools don't let them collaborate with ease. With ResiDesk's sharing features, everyone is on the same page about every unit without extra busywork. Now you can avoid such things as:

  • Losing a tenant because you couldn't get approval for that last $50 off their rent in time.
  • Waiting on a manager's approval to sign off on fixing the wiring on a unit while the tenant keeps bugging you to get it fixed.  
  • Sitting through painful weekly leasing meetings where you ran out of time to solve issues because you spent the whole time on status updates for everyone's units.  
  • Showing the regional manager what happened in a unit before the tenant filed a complaint.

ResiDesk's share feature means regional managers and your teams can know exactly what has been communicated between property teams and tenants and prospects. Decisions are streamlined, and things move faster.

Why will this make life better?

  • You walk into your weekly review meeting. There's a tenant who needs a repair authorized and a prospect who you can close if you just get approval on that last lease concession.
  • Without ResiDesk: You work through each case with your team and your manager one by one. You have to explain each case. It takes 30 minutes.
  • With ResiDesk: You've already shared the tenant and prospect conversation with your team or manager before the meeting and made a final decision in minutes. By the time you start the meeting, all the issues are resolved! You work through the rest of the day with peace of mind. 

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