New Proactive Insights for Multi-family Asset and Property Managers


We're excited to announce the launch of ResiDesk Insights - a whole new way to identify and take proactive action on your portfolio risks. For the first time, you don't need to resort to pulling data from multiple websites and your property management system (or systems!) to gain insight into the day-to-day communications of a particular tenant or unit. ResiDesk Insights is the first software solution that allows you to both see trends and to drill down into specific units to identify and address root causes before they become a liability or a vacancy. Read the whole press release

Why are Insights important? 

An estimated 70% of tenant churn comes from a perceived loss of speed and convenience in customer service. That means that nearly $7 of every $10 in rent is lost each year due to avoidable vacancies. ResiDesk's Insights feature provides visibility on churn risk on unhappy tenants and the intelligence to act on them. At the same time, ResiDesk's communication tools give you the tools to prevent that lost rent.

How will this work?

Starting this month, ResiDesk is rolling out Insights to all customers. ResiDesk shows you advanced reports on your communication with current and future tenants.

ResiDesk Insights features include:

  • Which tenants create communication overhead, and why 
  • Average communication response time for both tenant and staff
  • Trends in response time
  • Proprietary ResiDesk churn risk unit score 
  • List of most and least risky units



Why will this make life better?

Let's use your weekly property meeting as a scenario, and vacancy rates are up. Everyone–from the asset and property managers to the rest of the property team–needs to know what's going on with five units that haven't rented to mitigate vacancy risk.

  • Without ResiDesk: Your system shows data on vacant vs. occupied units, but you don't have easy access to data that tells you about those units. You don't have easy access to how many times tenants have contacted management about an issue in the building.  You spend your time just getting the team on the same page before you can move forward to fixing things, all while the clock is ticking.
  • With ResiDesk: ResiDesk Insights shows you your activity, your response times, your ResiDesk Satisfaction Score, and who's been contacting the property team and about what. Your team is on the same page before the meeting starts. You can quickly focus on the job at hand. 

And this is just the start. Insights is a part of every conversation on ResiDesk - you'll never wonder "What's going with this unit?" again.

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