How This Property Group Responds To Tenants 100x Faster

Despite robust Property Management Software options on the market that combine tools to manage rent, vacancies, contracts, insurance, and more, no PMS solution consistently delivers powerful tools that enhance tenant communications. Our latest case study demonstrates how CTM Apartment Services achieved an incredible reduction in tenant response times and a significant rise in tenant satisfaction rates through ResiDesk's communication platform.

CTM Apartment Services, a premier full-service apartment property management company, have a portfolio of over 8,500 units. They use an enterprise PMS; however, they required stronger messaging abilities to reach their tenants, particularly during emergencies. Their current option was too cumbersome to send bulk messaging that tenants would read and respond to.

Our case study shows how ResiDesk improved CTM's relationship with their tenants using powerful communication tools that enhanced response times and cut down on busy work and unnecessary follow up. 

Our case study outlines:

  • The texting limitations the client faced with their enterprise PMS
  • How we deployed our texting solution and helped the client connect better with residents
  • The concrete results achieved in improving tenant communications
  • The significant tenant satisfaction rating the client achieved

Download the case study to learn how ResiDesk can help property management teams communicate more efficiently, obtain satisfaction ratings for benchmarking, and reveal crucial analytics that highlights vacancy risks.  

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