Quickly Gather Residential Property Data and Compare Your Buildings

building_insights_reportingIn October, we unveiled ResiDesk Insights, vacancy risk reporting on residential properties that captures data in real-time. Multi-family asset managers have highly praised our one-of-a-kind reporting. And we now announce Building Insights: a way to generate quick reports on how your buildings and communities perform when compared to each other. 

 What do Building Insights do? 

Most Property Management Systems have useful data and dashboards, particularly around financial and leasing metrics, however, they have limited real-time insight into the day-to-day interactions that reveal the true health of a property. 

These micro-interactions are often the “canary in a coal mine” of a dissatisfied or litigious tenant, underperforming leasing team, and other crucial issues that can evolve and harm investments. To identify these risks, residential asset managers often resort to a series of time-consuming tasks such as reading online reviews, visiting properties, and canvassing overlooked maintenance issues or open units. 

Building Insights gives asset managers the ability to quickly track and pull up data on how their buildings and communities perform and then compare that data to isolate trends. 

How does it work?

For the first time, you don't need to pull data from a million places to give your team a real-time view of your buildings and how they're doing in comparison to each other. Even more important, you will be able to see and prevent issues before they happen. 



Why will this make life better?

In much the same way you can view high vs. low-risk units, having an overview of how different properties are performing helps you identify and mitigate issues. Get advanced warnings on potential systemic issues or challenges in anything from the actual physical elements of the building to different performance between leasing/management staff. 

Building Insights lets you answer questions such as:

  • Are aging infrastructure, HVAC, or maintenance issues steadily evolving at certain properties over others?
  • Are communities performing differently regionally?
  • Are leasing teams using different property management systems performing better?

Building Insights helps you have a clearer picture of what is happening in real-time at your properties, allowing you to ask the right follow-up questions, divert the right resources, and avoid evolving detrimental issues across your portfolio. 

Want to learn more about ResiDesk?

ResiDesk offers powerful reporting and communication tools that exceed most PMS capabilities. You can learn more about how we help management companies drastically increase their outbound and inbound communications to residents and prospects in our latest case study. Our tools helped a premier full-service property management company respond to tenants 100x faster, reduce response rates, and significantly enhance tenant satisfaction scores!

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