Stop Missing Tenant Messages With ResiDesk Filters


At ResiDesk, we supply an arsenal of tools to help you command the high volume of communications you get from tenants and prospects each and every day. Typical Property Management Software only goes so far in helping property teams stay on top of calls and emails. Along with ResiDesk's Insights, Share Conversation, and Smart Inboxes, we now introduced an Unread Message Filter to help you never miss a message from a tenant again!

Why are message filters important?

Our message filters aid you in effectively responding to inbound messages. Efficiently communicating with tenants prevents them from getting fed up with what they perceive as bad customer service. And it helps you hook prospects just as fast as their queries come in. 

Kingsley Associates, who are pretty much the Nielson ratings of real estate, have found that property management teams are crucial in nurturing customer satisfaction and loyalty.  

Kingsley analysis shows: 

"A remarkably consistent finding across office, industrial, retail, and multifamily properties, (is) that a tenant/resident’s overall satisfaction with a property is most closely tied to their satisfaction with property management." 

Kingsley's research reveals that even despite a high level of tenant complaints, it is management's response that impacts overall tenant satisfaction.  

"...overall satisfaction is more closely related to how property management responds to these complaints, communicates with tenants and residents, and resolves the problems. Therefore, by focusing on fundamental customer service areas, such as response times and proactive communication, property managers can have a direct impact on driving customer satisfaction, resulting in improved tenant and resident retention."

How will this work?

Trying to track down all of your tenants' replies after that building-wide announcement?

  • See all your unread messages in one place
  • Never miss a message from a tenant again


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