Get Messages To Housing Authority Members Quickly And Access Reporting

ResiDesk helps property managers get messages FAST to tenants and prospects and have been instrumental for housing authorities, especially during this challenging year. We help them communicate en masse to their member residents, help their teams work more cohesively, and elevate overall responsiveness to their communities.

Housing authorities face unique challenges. Not only do they have general property management responsibilities, but they also have focused altruistic goals mandated by their mission statements. They are responsible for reporting on meeting those goals to remain eligible for grants and to fall within HUD requirements. As such, housing authorities are in constant contact with their resident members with surveys, information on community programs, and updates on individual care initiatives. 

On top of all of these daily messages, housing authorities have resident member and maintenance requests and COVID-related communications to manage. The need for efficient communication tools to stay on top of hundreds and thousands of resident members is evident. With many housing authorities operating with minimal resources, reliable mass texting is a game-changing tool for housing authority property teams.  

New Proactive Insights for Multi-family Asset and Property Managers

Situation COVID

With COVID lockdowns, the need to communicate more frequently and efficiently with members on such things as evolving safety initiatives and delivery protocols on properties creates a lot of busywork to coordinate. Many more residents are home now, which also increases communications. Unfortunately, at the same time, many property teams are working remotely, leaving member residents feeling disconnected from management. They no longer can simply "pop into the office" to ask questions and resolve issues. 

During the best of times, property teams can miss responding readily to residents with traditional email and phone calls. But during emergency and COVID-like situations where volumes significantly increase, resident messages are increasingly missed. And residents also miss messages from management–particularly with email messaging, which has an extremely low open and response rate. 

Communication breakdowns such as these leave housing authority properties struggling to manage their communities.  

Improve Tenant Collections With Texting

Improving communication through smart texting 

Texting is ingrained in how we communicate daily with others. People are more apt to read a text than an email, and they are more likely to respond. For a lot of people, texting is the preferred communication channel for private and business conversations. And studies have found that the pandemic has dramatically increased how much companies are successfully reaching their consumers through texting.

ResiDesk optimizes the success of texting for property management teams, turning 10% open email rates into 98% read and response text rates. We give teams the ability to text entire properties or specific units quickly. We feature tools that manage messages internally with a priority system and offer reporting insights that help teams learn and grow with their communities.


ResiDesk communication tools include: 

ResiDesk as a virtual office

ResiDesk acts very much like a virtual office for teams. Teams working remotely or across multiple properties can collaborate and interact with management in beneficial ways that far exceed emailing and phone calls. 

ResiDesk enables issues to be served up and progressed when there is team availability and allows upper management to see interactions to assist or at minimum bear witness to specific concerns brewing at properties. With oversight on individual properties, management can make better decisions on staffing allocation and address service gaps.   

Housing authority reporting 

Housing authorities have humanitarian priorities to keep residents safe and sound, but they are also data-driven organizations that answer to executive directors on the performance of properties and management teams.

ResiDesk's custom reporting is beneficial to housing authorities, offering insights into such things as:

  • How quickly are teams responding to residents? 
  • How many members from each property are engaging with management?
  • Where are gaps in communication expectations vs. what is delivered?
  • Are there trends in member communications?
  • Are there recurring issues affecting certain properties? 

ResiDesk's reporting has our housing authority clients remarking:

"ResiDesk highlights response times, resident satisfaction, and risk scores that help us answer the questions our executive directors are asking."

"ResiDesk has exponentially moved us forward with our community management and moved the needle with our prospects and new lease-ups." 

ResiDesk texting, communication tools, and reporting bridge the gaps between member residents and property management teams—and between properties and executive staff.

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Learn how you can take the busy work out of managing residents and communities in our case study. Discover how ResiDesk helped a premier full-service apartment property management company respond to tenants 100x faster, reduce response rates, and significantly enhance tenant satisfaction scores!

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