Tenant Communications: Speed is a Powerful Differentiator

If you are a property manager at a multifamily complex, you are BUSY — busy responding to tenant complaints, hustling to fill vacancies, managing maintenance orders, making sure the property is clean, staying on top of COVID issues, dealing with management, and on and on. And we suspect your inbox and voicemail are full. 

Undoubtedly your emails slip through the cracks and remain unanswered or are answered too late. Missed and late tenant communication is a struggle for property managers. Zillow recently reported how slow tenant communications directly impact vacancy rates, with 71% of prospective tenants expecting to hear back on listings within 24 hours max. They also found that you are 40% more likely to engage with a lead if you quickly get back to them within minutes - with that rate dropping to just 10% if you wait 30 minutes. 

In terms of current tenants, research shows that they are 3x more likely to renew leases when they have responsive property managers. Speedy replies, even when you are just confirming that you received a message and are looking into a resolution, leads to higher tenant satisfaction. People want to be heard, and they want to be acknowledged now. Providing speedy replies cuts down on issues escalating and negative attitudes building, which makes your job easier. 

That’s why we wrote the Property Manager's Ultimate Guide to Tenant Communication. In this eBook, you’ll learn how to improve tenant communication and response times and look like a rock star! We can help you advance your capacity to manage all the requests, complaints, rent issues, and pressures you face every single day.
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