Quickly Attract Tenants, Close Deals, & Reduce Churn With Smart Inboxes


Having smart tools to filter through all the communications you get every day is critical. You need to identify opportunities quickly, close deals when the right moment presents itself, and keep tenants happy as best you can to reduce churn. ResiDesk's new feature, Smart Inboxes, helps you find your most essential follow-ups instantly.

Why are Smart Inboxes important?

The profitability of rental properties relies on the ability to find and retain quality tenants. It's as simple as that. But without tools to help you juggle the streams of inbound communications you get every day, many opportunities are lost, and vacancy rates creep up. 

Smart Inboxes for Tenants - Tenants satisfied with their property management are 3x more likely to renew. Turnover is very much controllable. With the right tools to answer the flood of complaints and queries that come through each day, you can retain more tenants. People attribute 80% of customer service to speed and convenience. Getting back to tenants to alleviate their concerns is very important–even if it is just acknowledging the problem. 

Smart Inboxes for Prospects - Smart Inboxes addresses how quickly prospects expect to hear back from property managers. Zillow reports that 71% of prospective tenants hope to hear back about possible listings within a day. There is no loyalty with prospects–you must get back to them as soon as possible, or they will keep searching. 

How will this work?

ResiDesk customers now have new smart inboxes that enable you to get to your most pressing tenant and prospect conversations in seconds.

You already know that the best way to retain tenants and convert prospects is simple - by communicating with them. 70% of turnover comes from poor customer service (Zillow). Better response times and proactive communication directly improves retention rates (Kingsley Associates).

But just because it’s simple doesn’t mean it’s easy. It's hard to identify *which* tenants are at risk and *which* prospects are likely to convert and prioritize them. It's also impossible to improve response times significantly with current systems. Email inboxes and current portfolio management systems have 24-hour (or longer) average response times, and 50% of prospects don’t get a response within the first 24 hours.

That’s where ResiDesk’s Smart Inboxes come in. We show you which prospects are likely to convert and which tenants need your attention right now so they don’t get buried in your email. All this adds up to your team being able to convert almost 10x faster and retain 10x better.




Why will this make life better?

You come into the office. It's a busy day and your inbox is full with tenant and prospect conversations. You need to find the most important follow-ups right away.

  • Without ResiDesk: You work through your inbox one by one. This could take minutes, maybe hours of your day. More importantly, you risk missing something that needs to be responded to urgently. 
  • With ResiDesk: You click on your prospect and tenant follow-up inboxes to get to the most important conversations instantly. You deal with any urgent matters, then work through the rest of your inbox through the rest of the day with peace of mind. 

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