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Reduce Risks Now - The Pulse of Your Properties at Your Fingertips

Asset Managers are constantly looking for risks that prevent them hitting their budget and surprisingly, there are few tools geared for asset managers to do this.

Risks to Your Budget

As an asset manager, you work everyday to create value and maximize profitability and part of the way to do this is by mitigating potential risks.

But how can you see potential risks before they actually happen? How can you really see how your teams and properties are performing when no one is looking? How can you understand the ins-and-outs of hundreds or thousands of interactions taking place at your properties on a weekly basis, and how they’re likely to affect performance?

At-scale, this becomes a Herculean task and more likely an impossible one. Most likely you’re only seeing issues after they’ve happened and are already likely to affect your budget. What if there was a better way?

ResiDesk is the first platform made for asset managers that gives you advance warnings on potential systemic issues or challenges to hitting your budget and the data to fix them:

  • Spend your time where it matters

    You only have so many hours in a day and more buildings than you can look at. ResiDesk highlights your highest and lowest risk communities, buildings, and units, with drill down capability to understand the exact challenges so you can focus your time where you’re needed.

  • Understand your team’s performance  

    Observe lead indicators like response times, tenant satisfaction, and number of messages required to close requests or inquiries over time. See at a glance the number of residents and prospects who have engaged this week, and a summary of vacancies and pending lease end dates.

  • Measure renewal likelihood

    Our proprietary algorithm measures tenant chatter to give you a real-time look at how your communities feel. The ResiDesk Satisfaction score helps you forecast vacancy.

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