Stop the Game of Telephone

Running a residential building has a lot of moving parts. Clear communication is essential to make sure that everything is running like a well-oiled machine. But sometimes you find yourself playing a game of telephone, with messages being misconstrued and misunderstood.  Having a common “language” between your regionals, asset managers, directors of marketing, and COOs helps you communicate the situation at the site level quickly so you can make the changes that have the most impact.

Some organizations can take weeks, or even months, to push critical information up from the site level to those who make decisions. This lost time can cost your building a lot of money if the issue is time-sensitive. 

Those same organizations are likely to only have partial or incomplete data about the site-level situation. By the time a decision is made it may already be too late to impact the outcome at the property. It doesn’t help that what the site team communicates to the regional, what the regional communicates to the asset manager, and what the asset manager communicates to the COO is a big game of telephone where information can be skewed, and misinterpreted. 

Having a consistent rolling measurement of KPIs helps alleviate some of the confusion. However, those KPIs you put in place have to be associated with improved bottom-line performance. Focus on making site teams vocal about shifts in the community, and consistent patterns that can help top-level decision-makers make the best changes they need to. It’s all about an open line of communication to keep things moving forward. 

ResiDesk can help everyone in the chain of command have a common language to use when communicating shifts at a property that require quick decisions. Residesk’s monthly reporting is powerful, actionable, and based on the honest feedback of residents. Because the data gathered is current and accurate, it reflects the situations at the site level. This helps the decision-makers at the top get a clearer view of what needs to happen, so they can deploy those changes faster. Ready to add ResiDesk to your property? Get in touch for a free demo.

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