Your Online Reputation is Everything

In this day and age, your online reputation is everything. Attracting new prospects, retaining current tenants, upping your rent, securing & retaining new employees. The list goes on and on. 

Think of it this way: If the building next to yours has 4-stars online and your building only has 2-stars, there’s no way that you can charge higher rents than your neighbor. If you won’t order a meal from a 2-star establishment, why would you live there? Your reviews just don’t allow it, which means you’re losing money from the get.

We know, we know, with everything else you have going on, how can you possibly manage your online reputation? Site teams are busier than ever, it can be tough to add that to their ever-growing list of responsibilities. 

Deploying a reputation management tool can allow your team to track and respond to Google reviews with ease, but what about getting new reviews? ResiDesk can handle that too. We can get your new reviews without your team doing anything. ResiDesk does all of this —scalable, automated reviews—to unburden your site team and improve online reputation. 

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