Elevating the Resident Experience: Tia Gardner's Success Story at TODD

When it comes to property management, we’re all looking for ways to provide exceptional resident experiences. It’s hard but absolutely crucial, and our industry is constantly searching for ways to do it without breaking the bank.
As customers continue to demand more from every experience the pursuit of high performance and resident satisfaction is a challenge faced by every property manager. How can your property stand out in a crowded market?
Nobody understands this better than Tia Gardner, the Community Manager of TODD. By fostering a sense of community, personalizing engagement, and seeking feedback, Tia sets herself apart. ResiDesk sat down with Tia to understand her success story in creating an unmatched resident experience at TODD.
Celebrating Tia Gardner: Delivering an Exceptional Resident Experience
Meet Tia Gardner, an extraordinary community manager who consistently delivers an exceptional resident experience. Tia's dedication to enhancing the lives of her residents sets her apart in the competitive world of property management. At TODD, a property managed by Asset Living, Tia Gardner has mastered this art and achieved remarkable results.
 What core values that have propelled TODD to new heights? Fostering meaningful connections with residents, empowering site teams for excellence, and embracing the human touch in every interaction.
Tia's Blueprint for Exceptional Resident Experiences:
For Tia, it all begins with her belief in the power of the resident experience. Her role goes beyond property management; she's a community builder, cultivating environments where residents not only reside but thrive.
Tia doesn't just talk the talk; she walks the walk. Her commitment to delivering an exceptional resident experience isn't just a philosophy; it's a set of actionable strategies.
Creating Community
  • Winning Strategy: Tia ensures that residents don't just live at TODD; they embrace it as their community.
  • How Tia Accomplishes This: Tia actively engages residents by organizing resident events that foster lasting connections among neighbors, contributing to resident retention and boosting satisfaction for both residents and staff.


Personalizing Engagement
  • Winning Strategy: Tia understands that the little things matter to residents.
  • How Tia Accomplishes This: Tia Gardner goes above and beyond by personally addressing each resident by their first and last name, creating a welcoming atmosphere where residents feel valued and appreciated. Tia takes the time to get to know her residents as individuals: as students, daughters, and friends. It’s this human touch that makes Tia’s residents so happy to live at TODD.
Seeking Feedback
  • Winning Strategy: Tia is committed to continuous improvement - that means always seeking feedback from residents.
  • How Tia Accomplishes This: Tia actively seeks feedback from residents, listens to their suggestions, and implements meaningful changes based on their input. As Tia puts it, "you're not going to satisfy everyone, but as long as you try and give everything 100%, the outcome will be great."
Tia shared that these strategies not only elevate the experience for residents but also contribute to the job satisfaction of her staff. Tia's dedication to engaging residents, creating memorable events, personalizing interactions, and actively seeking feedback showcases her commitment to making TODD exceptional.
Tia and ResiDesk - A Winning Partnership
Tia Gardner's success at TODD is a testament to her dedication and expertise in delivering an exceptional resident experience. While Tia takes the lead in creating a thriving community, ResiDesk is proud to be a partner in helping her achieve this success. How does Tia use ResiDesk?
Foster Open Channels of Communication: 
Tia understands the challenges of reaching residents in today's busy world. ResiDesk proactively texts residents to check in and provide support. Residents share their thoughts, concerns, and feedback more openly with ResiDesk, “they feel like they are talking to a friend or family.” The result? Improved communication through which Tia actively gains valuable resident feedback that helps her continuously improve and take meaningful action.
Create Personalized Engagement: 
Tia's ability to understand residents as individuals is a key factor in her success. ResiDesk complements her efforts by ensuring that every resident receives personalized and high-quality communication. This empowers Tia to cultivate a deep sense of community at TODD, making residents feel valued and appreciated.
Supercharge the team with efficient communication: 
Tia shared her experience with a lean maintenance team, noting that ResiDesk helps her immensely with work orders. Centralizing maintenance requests through ResiDesk ensures they are promptly seen and addressed, ensuring that residents' concerns are met with swift action. This streamlined process contributes to overall resident satisfaction.
While ResiDesk plays a supporting role in Tia's journey, it is Tia Gardner's hard work, dedication, and passion that make her the true hero in this success story. Together with ResiDesk, Tia creates an environment where residents not only live but truly thrive.
Tia Gardner stands out as an innovative property manager who puts the resident experience at the forefront in today's challenging rental market. Her ability to think creatively and prioritize residents has been key to her success. Tia's commitment to fostering a sense of community, personalizing engagement, and actively seeking feedback sets her apart from her peers. As property managers navigate this competitive landscape, they can draw inspiration from Tia's innovative approach to elevate the resident experience and drive positive outcomes. A big thank you to Tia Gardner for her leadership and for generously sharing her invaluable insights to all of us striving for resident satisfaction.
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