Get to Know Your Residents, Trust Us.

Living in a large residential building has its perks. Security, amenities, and most importantly, a sense of community. It’s the site team’s responsibility to get to know tenants and make them feel part of the community. However, residents often feel alienated from a community when they don’t feel “connected” to it. We often hear a leading reason for why residents choose another community when it comes time to renew is because “the site team doesn’t know our name”. Yikes.

Where you live, whether that’s a city or a building, is all about feeling connected. When residents don’t feel heard, or feel like the site team isn’t working for them, they’re a lot more likely to jump ship when it comes time to renew. If something bad happens, residents who don’t feel connected to the community are more likely to leave a negative review. What do they care? It’s not like anyone took the time to get to know them or listen to what they needed. 

Having plans in place to increase community familiarity and connection increases the satisfaction of residents - satisfied residents stay longer, accept higher rents, and leave positive reviews. Simply knowing someone’s name can be the difference between a resident staying or leaving. 

To Increase the community connection, you can make sure the site team focuses on the speed of communication. 48 hours or less, people! Nothing alienates (or frustrates) residents more than when staff leaves a conversation hanging. You can also encourage site teams to proactively reach out to residents if an issue is likely to come up. Anticipating an issue before it comes up will not only keep residents happy, but it will give your team time to troubleshoot before it’s a major issue. It’s really a simple idea: When residents feel heard and recognized, they feel connected with the community.

When you have a huge building with thousands of residents, it can seem impossible to know who everyone is. ResiDesk can help take this responsibility off your plate by automatically reaching out to residents through our text-based engagement. We make sure residents can provide their honest feedback, thoughts, and suggestions and in turn, those same residents feel heard and more connected to their communities. Imagine being a resident who suggested a great idea, then seeing that idea come to life at a community - That’s a resident who is part of a community. Schedule a demo to see how we can help your residents become part of the community. 

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