Throw Events Residents Actually Want to go To

The world is opening up again and we’re starting to feel a sense of normalcy. With that comes the return to in-person events for multifamily communities. Knowing what your residents would like to participate in is critical in making sure your events are a success. Residents stay at communities they feel connected to and in-person events are a big part of creating that community.

Without a grasp on what your residents want, you could end up spending thousands of dollars on events that don’t actually make a difference in your community. Spending a ton of money on a poolside DJ when your residents are mostly families with young kids doesn’t really make sense. However, trivia nights, cooking classes, and holiday parties are great ways to connect your community no matter what the demographic of your residents is. 

If we have an idea of what your residents would like to see, which usually ties right back to your resident's demographics, then you can deploy your budget in the most efficient manner to ensure residents feel connected.

A way you can get this data is by surveying your residents. Make sure the site team knows that you want to get feedback from the residents specifically on in-person events so they can ask directly. You can take a look at other communities around yours to see which events are drawing attention, and alternatively, which ones don’t draw crowds. Don’t be afraid to even call other communities to see which events they’re planning.

ResiDesk can help you figure out what your residents would like to see. We make it easy to get honest resident feedback so you can help make smarter choices – like choosing the right in-person events. ResiDesk makes it easy to run customer text-based surveys and ask an opened ended question like “what kind of in-person events would you like to see next month?” and residents just text back normally. 

Because ResiDesk is able to capture so many more responses you can get a more accurate read on what your residents would like to see, which makes choosing your next in-person event easier. Get in touch with us for a free demo so you can start to throw successful in-person events for your residents!

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