Complaints Are A Good Thing

Residents complain every day. These complaints can clutter our minds and make us feel bad about the job we’re doing. But the reality is that complaints are a good thing. Residents who don't complain to us directly just complain online. However, residents who feel heard after complaints show the strongest renewals.

The more we hear from our residents, the better. It gives us a chance to immediately resolve problems, build relationships, and improve our services. By listening to their complaints, we show our residents our commitment to quality and understanding. We can use their feedback to identify areas for improvement and create strategies for resolving issues. Ultimately, hearing from our residents allows us to make improvements that will benefit everyone.

Most residents who complain are not looking for a solution, they're just trying to be heard. With ResiDesk's simple 4-step process, you can improve satisfaction and renewals even with the most challenging residents.


  1. Start by validating their feelings. Show empathy and understanding.


  1. Ask for their feedback.


  1. Offer a solution if it exists, or be direct that it can't be handled for now.


  1. Identify larger systemic issues and address them accordingly. 


That's it! That's all it takes to handle a complaint well — no more than 5 minutes of your time. But we get it — even if a single complaint takes 5 minutes, handling lots of complaints takes a lot of time — time you don't have. 

That's where ResiDesk comes in. ResiDesk can help you turn complaints into positives. We handle common resident questions and complaints quickly and efficiently for you. Because ResiDesk can separate the value from the noise, residents feel heard, negative reviews get cut in half, systemic issues are bought to your attention before they become problems, and resident sentiment can go up by 20% in just a 4-week trial. 

Site teams love us because of how much work we take off their plate, helping them focus on the most important thing - delivering great service on-site. 

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