Play Offense with Great Customer Service

Multifamily customer service isn't just about dealing with frustrated residents. It's also an opportunity to drive positive results by increasing resident satisfaction and ultimately improving your bottom line! So don't wait for a complaint before starting to proactively shape the experience of those who call your properties home.

Making sure your residents feel heard, valued, and trust you is essential for building a successful customer service relationship. Going the extra mile by taking proactive steps to identify potential issues before they arise goes a long way. This helps you to provide faster communication channels that result in smoother resolution of any questions or disputes.

Automation can help to streamline customer service processes and make them more efficient. ResiDesk offers the greatest customer service tool that modernizes and automates the customer service your residents experience on site.

The moment your resident moves into a ResiDesk-powered community they’ll get a text from their resident experience advocate. This person is there to make sure they have the best experience while they rent from you, help answer any questions they have, and ultimately help problem-solve issues as they come up. Your residents will love this new customer service experience, because it allows them to feel heard, valued, and helps solve their issues faster.

ResiDesk is a total game-changer for site teams. Acting as a shield against the overwhelming customer service workload, we protect your team from unnecessary distractions and free up their time to concentrate on what really matters - taking care of your communities!

If you’d like to try out the most modern customer service experience in the industry let us know, we’re always happy to chat.

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