Don't Sweat the Small Stuff

Protocol is in place for a reason. When your residents don’t follow it, extra hours and potentially big problems can impact your site teams. Don’t let small issues take up all of your team’s time.

Responding to a single “how do I input a work order?” doesn’t take up much time, but multiply that by the thousands of residents you have. In totality, a whole community could take your site team tens of hours every week.  This keeps them away from the things that matter most - like delivering great customer service on the problems that really impact a community. When residents know where to go for maintenance, for rent, for amenity access, it saves everyone time.

On the other side, when a resident doesn’t follow the protocol of the community it can lead to problems down the line. We’ve all seen the units where the resident didn’t put maintenance requests for a small problem that eventually leads to a big problem. Think leaks, mold, or insects. Helping your residents follow protocol helps keep avoidable problems in check. Being able to communicate your community’s protocols helps your site team focus on those big problems at a community.

To make sure protocol is being followed, be clear. Keep it simple from the start by directing residents to the proper places instead of reacting to questions as they come up. Think about ways you can get that information to residents as soon as they are approved for an apartment. This can be through emails or handouts. By making that information an integral part of the leasing process, it can help your residents and team down the line.

ResiDesk can be a frontline help to you by taking the most menial levels of customer service off your team’s plate. We have teams of resident engagement and customer service experts to communicate basic community information to residents. When our resident engagement team messages one of your residents and the resident asks a question about maintenance tickets or any other easily answered question, we can direct the resident to follow your community guidelines. ResiDesk saves your team 9 hours a month for every 100 residents.

We work with our clients to fine-tune that information so the resident knows exactly where to go, and what to do, all while your site team stays focused on the larger issues at hand. Get in touch today for a free demo so you can start worrying about the bigger picture. 

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