I can't Get No... Resident Satisfaction

When it comes to resident satisfaction, nothing is black and white. Believe it or not, residents aren’t either happy or unhappy, there is a lot of gray area in between.  Knowing where they really stand - and why - is critical to the health of your communities and portfolio.

Understanding the nuances of happy and unhappy customers is critical to knowing exactly where your community stands. Just because someone is unhappy about slow maintenance ticket time, or a couple of bugs every once in a while, doesn’t mean they are overall entirely unhappy with their experience at the community. 

On the flip side, a resident who has been consistently unhappy with the property may not turn their feeling around after a single quick maintenance ticket. Knowing what your residents think about their home and to what degree they feel those emotions can give you crystal clear data on where to focus your resources. This will help give you a roadmap when it comes to time, money, and effort to drive maximum performance at your communities. Otherwise, your efforts for community improvements may be in vain. If you’re not targeting the true source of resident dissatisfaction, what’s the point?

Those who work closest with residents are the ones that can give you the clearest answers as to why prospects move in, why residents accept increased rents, and why some residents move elsewhere. The fastest way to get this information is by fostering a culture of clear communication. 

When your teams trust each other they will report the full, honest picture of their communities. If they don’t feel trust, they may only report positive things and blame negative outcomes on uncontrollable externalities. You must build clear, honest, and trustful lines of communication at all levels of your business to get the sort of nuanced resident information that will lead to positive community outcomes.

This is where ResiDesk can be a powerful ally for you and your team. ResiDesk is the single most effective way to gather honest and clear resident feedback in the industry. We can do this at scale and automatically. We can show you the clearest view into what residents think, why residents think it, and to what degree they feel those thoughts. 

Is a string of resident complaints a potential liability when it comes to renewals? ResiDesk’s automatic analysis will show you. How effective is your new pet policy at reducing resident friction with dog poop? Our monthly reports can show you the trends in resident sentiment over time to give you clear indications of the impact your choices make with your residents.

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