Bring Real Holiday Cheer this Year

It’s that time of year again. Holiday season is in full swing which means decorations are up and communities are throwing parties for their residents, complete with festive cocktails and gifts. But at ResiDesk, we know what people really want this holiday season. To feel heard. 

Just like with amenities, owners tend to overspend to fill their buildings with holiday cheer. Do residents really want Christmas trees or holiday lights? What’s the ROI on all that tinsel? Who really cares that there’s mistletoe in the lobby if my toilet’s broken?

This holiday season, make higher ROI investments by prioritizing your residents. Aim to please and bring some real holiday cheer by addressing their concerns. However, with thousands of residents across dozens of buildings, how do you know who needs the most love?

You guessed it, enter: ResiDesk. We can automatically survey your tenants and ask what’s on their Christmas list or even give them a gift card or holiday voucher. ResiDesk makes it scaleable by delivering it all in one easy report.

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