Give the People What they Want

Rolling out new amenities successfully is hard. But we know the secret to making it a little easier: asking people what they want.  This could help you save millions in costs and keep your residents happy at the same time. Now that’s a win all around in our books.

Whether it's a new keyless entry system or an improvement to package deliveries, it's hard to know how residents feel about the amenity until you've implemented it. Worse, you don't know if you've spent money on something that you really don't need.

Think about how much time is spent deciding what amenities to provide residents. It's incredibly hard to guess exactly what they want.  Most of the time amenity decisions are driven by what properties around you are doing. Sure, that’s a good baseline, but asking your residents what they specifically want is going to get you a much better snapshot of what’s needed and what’s not. Taking a wild guess could lead to millions of dollars wasted without improving resident satisfaction, retention, or vacancy.

It's simple — ask residents what they'd like to see! Not through closed surveys that ask you to pick from a few choices, but from real conversations with residents. Maybe that new bike rack you wanted to implement is better spent on improving the elevators. Once you have residents' feedback, test the amenity at one property and ask residents how they feel about it before you roll it out in a bigger way.

We know it's hard to survey residents or collect their responses. They are often colored by their position in the lease, and questions like how it affects their rent. That's where ResiDesk's consistent, open engagement with residents can give you an edge. ResiDesk asks residents what they'd like to see in the course of friendly conversations. Our technology helps extract valuable insights from that data without extra work for you or your site team. We've helped many customers successfully pick and test new amenities and events before turning them into large investments — leading to a better experience for residents who stay longer than those properties. Get in touch for a demo to see how you can implement amenities that your residents really want.

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