Quit Spending Money

Multifamily owners understand that having the right amenities is essential to make their property as appealing as possible – you know, those special touches that help renters envision making themselves at home.

Multifamily owners can benefit from fine-tuning their amenity offerings, and save money in the process. By understanding which amenities are underused or under appreciated by current residents, they can reallocate budget to give them more of what they want. This in turn creates a better living experience while attracting new faces. You could see some serious resident satisfaction gains with just a few simple changes.

Making sure your renters have access to the right amenities is essential.  Knowing why current residents choose not to use certain features can help you adjust what’s available and meet those needs. It's like asking for customer feedback - it helps make everyone happy.

Keep your finger on the pulse of resident feedback with ResiDesk! Our easy-to-use SMS conversations provide owners, developers and operators with real insight into which amenities make an impact - so you can be sure to give tenants what they're looking for.

Don't waste money on amenities you don't need. With ResiDesk, you save big and get the added bonus of improved customer service! It's a win-win for owners and operators everywhere. Get in touch with us for a free demo today!

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