Don't Waste Money on Amenities

Adding amenities to your building isn’t a cheap investment. However, the key to seeing ROI on your expensive amenity investment is figuring out exactly what your residents want. 

When you’re planning to add an amenity to your building, you need to get specific about resident preferences. Knowing that some residents in a few markets are attracted to specific amenities isn’t that valuable when you’re considering your next big capital expense. You need to know exactly what your residents want to deliver the best amenities to them. Otherwise, you risk wasting enormous amounts of money.

There’s almost nothing worse than seeing an expensive amenity go unused. Even if that expensive amenity looks great in marketing materials and brings people in to tour.  The moment those prospective residents see the dust on the golf simulator or the “theatre” room, it leaves a negative impact on them.

Alternatively, the best amenities are the ones your residents actually want and the ones they’ll use. Every market demands different amenities and every community is different. Knowing exactly what your community needs will help you make the smartest choice so you’re not spending money on stuff you don’t need.

One of the easiest way to get this information is by tasking your site team to ask residents, when they can, to see what types of amenities they need. Do they need study space? Do they need conference rooms for work-from-home meetings? Go to your properties and see which amenities are actually being used, see how often they’re booked. That can give you a clear view of where your next capital expenses make the most sense. Talking to your residents and understanding their habits will help you make the right decisions.

We get it. It’s tough to talk to every resident in your building and streamline their responses and requests. That’s where we come in. ResiDesk measures about 500x more data than your current tools to give you the up-to-date insights needed to deploy those capital expense dollars exactly where they need to go. This will give you insight into the amenities that your residents will actually use. Through our text-based surveys, you can ask specific opened ended questions like “What amenity are we missing at this community?” and residents just text back, like a normal text conversation, to give you real-time amenity suggestions. All without the site team lifting a single finger or having anyone on your team do any training. Ready to try it for yourself? Get in touch with us for a demo to see how we can help you make your next amenity investment worthwhile. 

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