How Extra is Extra?

Everyone loves a little extra. Especially when it comes to where they live. So what amenities are going to get you the most ROI? Is it a resort-style rooftop pool or maybe it’s a complimentary shuttle to help them get to the train? ResiDesk finds that the right amenities can get prospects to convert over 10% faster and residents to pay up to 4% higher rent. 

Before you start upgrading any finishes, you need to understand what residents are more likely to pay extra for. Rather than asking what residents want — you need to ask them what they NEED.  This step is critical. 

Ideally, your staff is reaching out every couple of months to understand what residents need. ResiDesk finds that even a simple “Hey, what could be better about our building?” email can get up to 5x better response rates than a typical multi-page survey that people don’t even finish. That’s an easy investment for a potentially massive reward.

Ok, so you already know all this, but don’t want to put your already overworked staff on sending those surveys and parsing that data? Enter: ResiDesk. 

We track data that helps you to understand what residents love and hate about your building. We can show you trend-level data about tenant preferences and what people likely would pay more money for. All of this is done without any changes at site level and can surface ideas about high ROI investments that retain residents at higher prices and attract new residents at higher rents. 

Ready to learn what your tenants need? Get in touch today and see how we can help you improve leasing and increase rents. 

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