Provide Value or Get Out

Competition for 3rd party operators can be incredibly fierce. Oftentimes, owners have a variety of options to choose from. That means it’s up to you to provide incredible value for your clients. Otherwise, they may drop you and go elsewhere. 

If you’ve just onboarded a new community and the previous management did a terrible job, you’re probably left to pick up the pieces. We know that situation can be a complete nightmare, but there are a few things you can do to provide value quickly.

Communication speed, operational clarity, and great service are required to provide value to your owners in situations like this. It helps to talk with residents 1 on 1 to get a sense of how they feel about the community. Is there anything you can change operationally to adapt to the new situations in the community?

A focus on communication speed can be essential here. If residents feel like you’re on their side they will give you more leeway to fix any issues. Ultimately it’s great customer service that will help you turn around a new community quickly.

This is how ResiDesk can help: We take a lot of the customer service grunt work off your site team’s plate so they can focus on the longer-term things that matter most.  We can help save hours of valuable work each week. By surveying residents with open-ended questions like “How can the new management company improve your experience at the community?” 

Since it’s a regular text conversation handled by our expert resident engagement team, we are able to deliver crystal clear data on where you need to focus your limited time for maximum impact.

ResiDesk is also the single most effective tool for substantially increasing your Google Reviews at communities. This is one of the fastest ways to show ownership they made a great choice choosing to use your services.

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