Overcoming AI Leasing Fatigue

Have you met the hottest trend in prop tech? Introducing AI leasing bots! It seems like everyone is jumping on this bandwagon, but if you're tired of boring, identical leasing chatbots, we've got your back. Say goodbye to transactional, impersonal bots that feel like dealing with a vending machine. Get ready for a leasing experience that's as personable as it is efficient.

If you’ve been on the receiving end of chatbots from your bank or your airline, you know it’s not exactly champagne and roses.

These bots aren't just dominating conference small talk, they're overshadowing what truly matters: resident experience. This is a revelation we delved into last week - leasing is the glitzy pageant queen, but enhancing your resident experience is the surefire way to drive retention and improve your residents' lives.

Leasing bots are hip to this, so they slap on "resident experience" add-ons like email blasts. But that's like trying to use a baguette as a backscratcher.

Resident experience is a different beast - it's high touch, it's high EQ, it's human. Leasing is about fielding calls, resident experience is about making residents feel heard and valued.

To elevate resident experience in any real way, you need a committed team and tools that amplify their amazing work. This is why at ResiDesk, we don't dabble in leasing. Our mission is solely focused on supercharging resident experience. We're here to add that warm, helpful touch - at scale! Let us help you and your team shine, and drive retention rates all while improving the quality of life for your residents.

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