Celebrate Your Site Teams

Site teams are constantly getting bombarded with negativity. Whether that’s complaints from a tenant or pressure from an owner, site teams take the brunt of it all. Most of the time, the only reason a resident reaches out is if something is broken, something has gone wrong, or they’re angry. It’s important to keep your site teams lifted up, not only for retention but for their own wellbeing. A shout-out to the good work of the site team is always appreciated because it’s so seldom recognized.

We all know that it’s no secret that finding and retaining great talent on site is difficult right now. Identifying and celebrating the positive work they do helps them feel recognized and valued as a team member. The fact is, your site teams are doing a good job - otherwise you’d be seeing a mass exodus from your properties. Site teams often go to great lengths to help residents and make their communities better. Being vocal about their hard work pays massive dividends when it comes to retaining team players.

Being conscious of your site team’s hard work and making sure to let them know they’re doing a good job helps, especially if it’s tied to a specific event. If a review comes back and mentions a site team member, call them up to congratulate them, share it with other team members, and praise them for their hard work. Any amount of personal and specific recognition goes to great lengths to increase morale and create a professional environment that people want to stick with.

ResiDesk specializes in recognizing all the good work your team does by automatically engaging residents for honest feedback. Since ResiDesk can get a more representative sample of your residents through our text-engagement strategy, we can celebrate all the great work your site team has done that previously went unrecognized. Your site teams work so hard to make residents happy, ResiDesk just gives those happy residents a voice to recognize the work of your team.

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