3 Ways to Reduce Wifi Work Orders

We know how important it is for residents to have a high-quality WiFi connection. With more and more employees working remotely, students taking classes online, and everyone streaming The Bachelor, the internet connection has become even more critical to housing communities today than ever before.

However, wifi is a universal pain point in all sectors of multifamily. It’s one of those things that is a constant source of frustration for both residents and property managers alike. But there’s good news! We have a simple solution to help reduce this common headache.

If your residents are experiencing issues with their internet connection, they’re going to be frustrated. We all know that frustration can easily lead them down a path of negative Google Reviews and complaints about your property management company. You can reduce the risk of unhappy residents and maintenance workload by asking the residents with internet issues 3 simple questions:

  1. Ask residents to run a speed test. Most people just assume their WiFi is slow, but it might in fact be working fine. If it’s above 25 MBS then there’s really no issue.
  2. Ask them to check on a different device. This helps you diagnose if there’s really a problem or if it’s isolated to one computer or phone.
  3. Simply ask them to reset their router. Many routers have settings that can be changed and will improve performance (and allow you to close out tickets faster). 

Doing those three things will help realign expectations with what’s really happening in the world of WiFi. And in turn, it better allocates your time and maintenance resources.

With ResiDesk, we ask residents these important follow-up questions to arm you and your maintenance teams with the information needed to solve issues with lightning speed and efficiency.

We can help you solve these issues faster and increase the satisfaction of your residents without anyone on your site team having to learn another dashboard, and taking work off your plate. Ready to learn more? Schedule a free demo with us to see how we can help!

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