Improve Washer Dryer Requests

In-unit dryers are a great amenity that residents love… when they work. Most dryer issues can be fixed quickly, but diagnosing the issue can take precious time away from your maintenance staff who may already be working nonstop to keep up. The longer it takes for maintenance issues to be solved, the less satisfied residents will feel with the community as a whole.

Many maintenance requests center around the dryer, but if your maintenance team doesn’t know some important context before going into unit, it can take waste valuable time. The more you know about the issue, the faster it can be fixed!

Asking the resident a few clarifying questions about the dryer speeds up this process. 

Here’s what to ask:

  1. Is it the lint trap? Have the resident check the lint trap, as there may be build-up preventing clothes from drying properly. If so, take it out and clean it, it may solve the issue without maintenance setting foot in the unit.
  2. Is the dryer getting hot? If the resident tells you their dryer isn’t heating up at all this gives valuable context to your maintenance teams.
  3. Is there moisture in the unit? This indicates more specific issues that maintenance can solve.


Armed with the context of these three questions, your maintenance teams can solve the issue for residents faster.

This is where ResiDesk can help. When work orders are submitted ResiDesk can automatically send SMS messages to residents with these important clarifying questions. Texting is the best way to get quick responses. If your residents have a question or need assistance, they’re more likely to respond to a text than through email or a maintenance portal. Because ResiDesk uses real human beings in these conversations, residents won’t get stuck with some chatbot that doesn’t actually help their issues.

ResiDesk also supports SMS messages with photos, so residents can text pictures of their issues for more maintenance context.

We’ve been helping some of the most innovative owners and operators in multifamily and student housing automate and massively improve their on-site customer service and communication. This is all done automatically and without the site team having to lift a finger.

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