Property managers and planes: managing expectations in an era of uncertainty

Moving at 500 mph in the sky and remaining rooted to the ground in an apartment building may seem at odds with one another, but landlords, in cities across the country, are facing similar challenges to the aviation industry.

Because many people can (a) be anywhere or (b) be nowhere, people are rethinking high rents and cramped middle seats. So what have the airlines done to adjust in this new environment? And what lessons could urban management companies learn from the aviation experts?

I boarded my first flight since January last week. The airport was a ghost town, restaurants shuttered, and the plane half-full. I had many rightful concerns with flying, all directly or indirectly Covid-19 related. While considering to stay home, I decided to continue with my journey.

Before I had even checked in to my flight, United reached out to me. Was this via email? Push notification? Automated call? No.

United texted me. A direct line to my most used app.

United texted me. A direct line to my most used app. And they continued to text me. Updates about contact tracing in Chicago. Reminders of the mandatory mask policy onboard. All before I checked in. I opened and read every single message. And I relaxed.

They managed my expectations, quelled my fears, and put this passenger at ease. This proactive approach reassured me and restored my confidence in aviation. Nothing changed other than the airline managing my expectations. And I am far more inclined to fly again now that I know their approaches to cleanliness, mask policies, and commitment to passenger safety.

Ultimate Guide to Tenant Communications

Nothing changed other than the airline managing my expectations.

Back on the ground, tenants are concerned about meeting rent, cleanliness of elevators or lobbies, and shelter in place orders. Property managers could take a proactive approach and take a page out of the airline’s playbook. By communicating early and often with tenants, management can stay one step ahead of the problem.

Proactive measures like cleaning, offering rent payment plans, and updates on local government orders are important and essential. But these measures are only effective in reassuring tenants if the message is received. If United had emailed me, it would've been hours before I saw their updates. Who checks email on vacation?

Effective responses delivered by text is an excellent way for airlines to keep passengers flying and for landlords to keep tenants in buildings. Being proactive is only half the battle. Delivery of the messages quickly is essential. ResiDesk makes sure tenants see messages immediately and have their fears managed.


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