Hey, You're Losing Money...

Because you’re not having the RIGHT touch-points with your residents.

We’ve analyzed millions of conversations with residents over the last 4 years and one thing is clear: 90% of owners are only having conversations with their residents when it’s time to collect rent or when something breaks. This is a mistake!

Regular check-ins with tenants—we’re talking once a month—can push resident satisfaction up by 10%. Happier tenants are 4x more likely to renew their lease AND pay higher rents. How much more will happier tenants pay?  Up to 12% higher than the market rate hikes, to be exact. 

If you’re doing the math, that could be an extra $100/mo per unit from just one quick check-in per month!  If you’re curious about this kind of data, and other unique trends that you may not be fully capitalizing on, ResiDesk is for you. We help hundreds of operators discover what’s going on beneath the surface of their properties and how to capitalize on that data.

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