Help Your Tenants (so they'll help you)

How often are you checking in with your tenants, even when something isn’t broken or rent isn’t due? If you answered “not often”, it may be time to step it up.

At ResiDesk, we’re all about the surprise and delight mentality - checking in with your tenants when you don’t have to, so they don’t mind when you do. 

If you’re only talking to your residents when you’re collecting rent or fixing a broken sink, they know why you’re getting in touch with them. If this is the case, is it really a surprise that your tenant-landlord relationship is a bit fraught?

Bad relationships cost you money, bottom line. ResiDesk's data shows that unsatisfied tenants are 4x less likely to renew and 2x more likely to walk if you offer them a rent increase. No one wants that. 

On the flip side, when you talk to your tenants when something isn’t broken and they don’t owe you money, you have the opportunity to build a stronger relationship with them. Surprise and delight your tenants by asking how they are, bringing them a gift card to a local coffee shop before you talk to them about paying more rent, or offering an amenity. Creating a stronger rapport can help with renewals, more google reviews, and other things that you might need from your tenants in the future. This approach will help tenants not just think of you as a debt collector or repairman.

We get it. Relationship building takes time and can seem like a daunting task if you own hundreds of units. Automate it with ResiDesk. We’ll talk to your tenants when things are going well and when they’re not. Get in touch for a free demo so we can help surprise and delight your tenants. 

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