Boost Your Bottom Line

We’ve got a little secret to spill: while everyone's obsessing over leasing and centralization, the REAL magic happens in property administration. Sure, leasing is important, but let's face it, managing residents is an everyday gig that can make or break your success. So, let's focus on where the REAL action is at, shall we?

Leasing grabs the attention, but property admin carries the weight. Sure, companies tinker with their leasing teams, and shell out for software to capitalize on centralization benefits, but leasing only happens a few times a year. Meanwhile, property admin and maintenance happens every single day. However, they sit on the sidelines, gathering dust, and yearning for attention.

Now for the curveball: property admin packs a mean punch for your bottom line, especially in a tough market. It's ripe for standardization—70% of your site team's inbox overflows with resident questions that have readily available answers (parking, resident portals, pet policy, smoking policy, etc.). That's a whopping 70% of your FTE hours squandered on-site. By boosting retention, property admin ramps up predictable revenue and dodges those pesky re-leasing marketing costs. 

While it's unfortunate that our industry hasn't quite caught up with the times when it comes to centralization and technology, this actually puts you ahead of the game if you're a savvy owner or manager. Plus, let's be real, some of the tech solutions out there are just plain disappointing. But fear not, because this means there's a huge opportunity for you to shine and leave your competitors in the dust by focusing on property admin.

Enter ResiDesk: the solution that helps you leave your competitors in the dust. 

We centralize the bread-and-butter of customer service—answering questions, keeping residents content, raking in positive reviews, and shedding light on what truly matters. Your team can then zero in on retaining residents in this cutthroat market.

Time to turn the tables and give property admin its moment in the sun. Be part of the savvy few who harness property admin's power to fatten up their bottom line, without falling for subpar tech. Reach out to ResiDesk for a demo and a free trial and ride the centralization wave to success!

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