Save Your Site Team 30 Hours

Property management companies can find themselves in a tangled web of confusion when it comes to rent payments. It's not because tenants are unwilling to pay, but often due to gaps in understanding about how and where they can ask questions regarding payment options.

Property management companies have their work cut out for them when it comes to rent collection. With late or missed payments, strained relationships with residents, and resources running low - bringing in some pro-activity can make a world of difference! Checking in once a month is an easy way to show renters that they're more than just another number on the books. Not only will this help keep pesky late fees at bay but also foster good rapport between property managers and tenants - Now doesn't that sound like smart practice?

But — that's a lot of work! That's where ResiDesk comes in. Improve your relationships with residents and save yourself time, effort and resources all at once! With ResiDesk’s rent reminder system you can reduce the chances of late payments thanks to our integration with flexible payment systems such as Flex and Hope and Door. Make life easier for both you –and them—with a few simple steps.

Because of ResiDesk proprietary outreach, the average property on ResiDesk sees a response rate of 20% to rent reminders — that's 10 times better than any other system on the market. Importantly, over 75% of these responses were overwhelmingly positive, with many residents expressing a willingness to pay and asking questions about how to do so. In fact, most of the responses are from residents who have questions about how to pay, including whether they could pay online, split payments between different methods, or pay in person. 

Because so much of the work is in the answers to the questions, automated rent reminders CANNOT work like a chatbot. It's NOT the reminder that works — it's the follow-up to the resident's questions. 

That's why ResiDesk succeeds — we offer an easy way to have great, open-ended conversations with attentive customer service, supported by AI, to answer resident questions and help them follow process via text. 

With ResiDesk's rent reminders, site teams can save over 30 hours of manual work every month on average, allowing them to focus on more important tasks like resident satisfaction and property upkeep. Talk to us today to learn more about how ResiDesk can simplify collections and save you 30 hours of work a month at every property!

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