Help Your Site Teams, Now.

If there’s one thing that all building owners can relate to these days, it’s the need for staff. 

With a severe shortage of workers, the risk of burnout for your current employees is real. This can result in serious revenue risk to everyone involved in a property. With limited staffing, you can’t scale your business and risk losing tenants. And don’t even get us started on bad online reviews. 

Sure, you can try and hire more people. But with demand for workers at an all-time high, the chances of bringing on quality, long-term staff is low. You can beef up your current staff’s hours, but overworking the people you have isn’t going to deliver the type of service that gets your positive reviews and happy tenants. Being transparent with your tenants and letting them know that you're short-staffed is key. Tenants are more likely to be understanding when you communicate and ask for patience, rather than deliver subpar service. 

Enter: ResiDesk. We can help you supplement some of your frontline work with offsite staff. This will not only take pressure off-site teams, but will deliver an amazing customer experience, help gain more 5-star reviews, and get you better retention. Ready to learn more? Get in touch today to see how we can help. 

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