Ditch the Proptech Puzzle

Think about the way we structure our property management business. It's kind of like building a puzzle, right? We've got a department for every piece, and we love our line items, right down to every little detail. 

Now, here's the funny part. The proptech world seems to have picked up on this trait of ours. As a result, you see companies in the "resident experience" arena turning into puzzle peddlers, too. Each one touts a magic piece that they swear fits right in. They aim to solve just one line item so they can fit neatly into a budget - be it work orders, payment reminders, or surveys. 

But here's the catch - they're missing the bigger picture. We're so lost in our line items that we're ignoring the overall, wholesome resident experience. The reality? Your residents aren't bothered about fitting the pieces together. They aren't thinking, "Ah, this issue goes into the work order app, and that concern needs to go in the survey app". They just want a smooth experience, not an itemized to-do list. That means residents put the absolute least amount of effort telling you what's going on, and creating more problems than they solve. The constant juggling of different apps and tasks just adds to the friction. Residents send a flurry of issues with scarce detail, and site teams scramble with lists of tasks scattered across platforms.

Instead, why not opt for a proptech approach that brings everything together? The leasing process, despite using different software for appointments, viewings, contracts, etc., provides a consolidated experience. Why should the resident experience be any different? One point of contact for residents that then filters into your property's standard procedures can enhance engagement, saving you both time and money. Don't make your residents sweat the small stuff.

Enter ResiDesk. By centralizing the customer experience, we ease the burden on everyone, from asset managers to site managers. We're talking about time savings, effective issue resolution, streamlined work order management, and much more. And guess what? A holistic solution is not only simpler, but it also costs you less than juggling multiple, disconnected software tools. Plus, your team isn't juggling 45 different tabs on their browser (we counted).

Want to discover how ResiDesk can streamline processes, save your site teams countless hours every week, and double your residents' happiness (boosting rents and retention, by the way)? Reach out to us about a free trial today.

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