Is Coworking Space Worth it

The pandemic has ushered in dramatic changes to the workplace. With much of the world now adopting a hybrid or all-remote structure, people have shifted their work from office buildings and cubicles into cozy corners at home. With this changing tide likely here for good, being successful in your industry means getting used to thriving from home.

So with home being the new office, what does that mean for property owners? At ResiDesk, our cutting-edge AI & human copilot tech has revealed the number one thing residents need right now: Faster internet!

Keeping productivity high requires lightning-quick internet speeds. Investing in reliable, fast infrastructure for residential buildings allows residents to connect with colleagues and clients quickly — because let's face it: you can't do business at dial-up speed! As a building owner, you can boost your building's morale (and bottom line with renewals) by investing in faster internet.

By using ResiDesk, our client was able to make a worthy investment in the future of their community. Rather than building expensive communal workspaces that may have gone unused, they paid attention to what customers truly demanded via ResiDesk: reliable internet and tech resources, like more printers.

Thanks to ResiDesk's insight into the work-from-home behavior of our clients' residents, they avoided making an unnecessary investment while still catering amazingly well to those who were working from home already.

In a time of rapid change, we need to make sure our residents are heard. As property managers and owners, the most meaningful decisions come from listening within our community - taking advantage of invaluable perspectives that only reside there!

 ResiDesk interacts with your residents every day with our team of real customer service experts facilitating dialogue with your residents via SMS. We work for your site team, helping them understand resident needs and raise attention to the issues that matter most, all while handling communication with everyone else. All it takes is a 4-week free trial to see the impacts we can make on your communities. Get in touch today to see how!

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